Articulate digital design to lead interaction, growth & future business.

Form follows Unform.

Unform is a quality-driven & strategy-led digital design agency, that helps brands and organisations speak to people through digital means & interactive experiences .

We believe that to properly form these means and experiences, one needs to firstly thoroughly unform.

 We're open for new projects!

Expertise & services

Our expertise ranges across the full width of the UX spectrum, which can be split into three areas: the initial (product) strategy, producing pixel perfect designs, and guiding growth through data driven validation & optimization.

Even though we’ll gladly help in these areas individually, we do our best work when we’re involved in all three of them.


Over time, we’ve worked with some fine clients on a few cool projects.

These range from product vision development, MVP & prototyping design system implementations, UX/UI design to (digital) branding.

Case studies coming soon!
Image of belastingdienst portal

De Belastingdienst

UX Design, UX Research, Design Thinking, Creative Workshops, Design Systems

The Belastingdienst (Dutch tax agency) asked us to be a part of the digitisation of their products and services. Helping them increase user friendliness and accessibility within the given complexity of laws & processes.

Image of PGGM moodboard


UX Design, UI Design, Qualitative Validation, Design Systems

PGGM asked us to assist them in consolidating their interfaces in a centrally governed & reusable design system. Initially in design software (Figma), moving to centralised guidelines and supporting the implementation in standardised code.

Image of a Tutubi intro screen


UX Design, UI Design, Product Design, Native App

Tutubi asked us to help them envision and design flows for their native app, which allows people to book (health) services for someone in need of them. Resulting in MVP flows for both the booker of these services, as well as the side of freelancers offering the services.

Image of Doccs application screens


UX Design, UI Design, Product Design, Native App, Web

Doccs is a general practice that allows their patient base to have direct digital contact with their doctor. They asked us to help them design & iterate on their native patient apps, as well as the portal on practice-side.

Image of The Guild preview screen

The Guild

Branding, UX Design, Web

TheGuild was in need of an identity & a website design that better fitted their innovative & technical core. They asked us to design and deliver just that: from branding guidelines, templates, to a responsive website design.


Five key principles form the foundation of our collaborations and work. These values lead us to great processes & results every time.

Design is a team-effort

All for one & one for all. We’re not afraid to take a couple for the team, working amongst ourselves, with in-house designers/teams or even other agencies.

Constructive curiousity

We’ll ask lots of questions, most of which will include ‘why?’. Forcing ourselves to consider all input and guide us in the right direction.

Focus & guidance

Creative processes might seem bumpy and foggy, but don’t worry we’ll guide the way. Making sure that its possible for all stakeholders to tag along. Leading the way for effective collaborations and results.

Quality over everything

Good design is what motivates and drives us in our profession. We keep raising the bar for ourselves in a constantly evolving digital playing-field.

Context dependant

Everything we do is tailored to individual project characteristics and context. For us this is the way to guarantee quality, validity, and value of the work we craft.

Small team, big impact

A group of UX designers with an individual focus & expertise. Collectively covering the broader field of user experience design for digital solutions.


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Timo van der Keijl's Memoji

Timo v.d. Keijl

UI Design
UX Design
Seray Sunguroglu's Memoji

Seray Sunguroğlu

UI Design
UX Design
Memoji of Dimitra

Dimitra Glenti

UX Design
Lizzy de Mol's Memoji

Lizzy de Mol

UX Research
UX Design
César Aparicio's Memoji

César Aparicio

UX Design

Hannah v.d. Mijle

UI Design
UX Design
Tom Kölker's Memoji

Tom Kölker

UX Strategy
UX Design

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We’re hiring medior ux designers
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