Prescan's revamped identity & website are live!

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February 26, 2024

How to stay on top of your health even though you’re feeling great? That’s where Prescan comes in, empowering everyone at a crossroad in their life to take informed decision by quantifying health. Offering insights through preventive health as a tool for understanding, controlling and taking action.

Existing brand, renewed direction

Recognizing that Perscan’s old identity didn't align with brand values and a renewed perspective on target audience, a journey for redefinition was started. The aim? Visualise how health insights should be available to all. Resulting in a fresh more open and approachable style to reach aiming to speak to everyone seeking information about their well-being. Including all digital services and touch points along the customer journey.

Validated redesign to set the tone

Which led to a validated redesign of the website, conversion flows & login portal, all launched last week. Making it easier for people to navigate, book and access their health data and researches. With these new means the learning at iterating begins.

Curious? Be sure to have a look at the new yourself!

Renewed brand & digital presence for Prescan's re-aligned values and ambitions.

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