Deciding how products should behave and what they should look like to best serve the end users and our clients.

What is it?

At Unform we believe details matter. Therefor we make sure our designs work well from the tiniest interaction to the flow on a large scale.

With strong branding guidelines and pixel-perfect UI elements, we design interfaces that speak to users and are enjoyable to use.

What is Interaction Design?

In Interaction Design we decide how products should behave and how they are structured. What steps does the user need to take to get from point A to point B? What does he see along the way? How can we make the journey as seamless as possible?

We don’t decide these things just like that. We use our own user research, research of other experts in the field, and common patterns to guide us in the process.

Wireframing, sitemaps, lots of sketching. All tools we use to define behavior and structure.

What is Visual Design?

Visual Design is not just making a pretty image. It’s making sure the brand is translated onto the screen. It’s making the design seductive and appealing to users. It’s making sure the story you’re telling comes across as intended. Visual Design is simply stating the how.

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